10 Female Skincare Routine Tips for Glowing Skin

Everyone dreams of having glowing and flawless skin, but with new products popping all over the place, skincare advice seems to keep changing. This is probably why people struggle with finding a healthy skincare routine and sticking with it.

Of course, being a woman in this day and age, you may have heard a couple of basic tips related to your skin. Someone may have told you to wash your face with organic face wash, while someone may have suggested getting eight hours of beauty sleep and drinking an ample amount of water.

However, there is a lot more to skincare than these general tips. But you do not need to worry! You will not have to break your bank for any expensive creams and magical procedures to get healthy and gorgeous skin. All you need to do is keep up with the tips mentioned below, which will help you out no matter how many new products are invented.

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Use a Cleanser That Goes with Your Skin

If you have acne-prone or oily skin, then you need to go out and buy some benzoyl peroxide or salicylic gel wash for yourself. However, if your skin is more on the dry side, then all you need is a milky or moisturizing glycolic cleanser. For people with brown spots on their skin or melasma, a brightening wash is highly recommended.

Use Fewer Products

Any skin expert will tell you not to use several skin-care products simultaneously. Not only can it be harsh for any kind of skin, but it can also cause clogged pores, as well as lead to additional breakouts. Simply put, too many products will damage the integrity of your skin.

Use Moisturizer Generously

Get into the habit of moisturizing your skin before you tuck yourself into bed and as soon as you are done showering. However, do not choose any lotions that emanate heavy scents. Instead, try to opt for moisturizers that are gentle enough to be used daily without causing you any irritation.

Avoid Touching Your Face

At first glance, this seems to be like an absurd tip but, skin experts have time and time again iterated how important this is. When you are constantly touching your face, you are causing breakouts and spreading bacteria. This can lead to increased wrinkles, cause scarring, and even make you ill. You do not want to contract any viruses or even the flu, do you?

Thoroughly Hydrate

No matter where you are and which skin expert you talk to, they will all tell you about how important it is for you to stay hydrated. The less water you have in you, the more sag and less radiance your skin reflects. Therefore, when choosing any kind of products for your skin, whether they are for moisturizing, cleansing, or anti-aging, pick out those that come with hydrating formulas. In addition, be sure to consume as much water as you can in a day, preferably eight glasses.

Avoid Exposing Your Skin to Direct Heat

Everyone will tell you to keep out of the sunlight but, no one will tell you that standing too close to fireplaces and heaters will have the same impact as direct exposure from the heat of the sun. It can cause the collagen in your skin to break down and lead to inflammation. Thus, you should always be at a minimum of ten feet from any heat source.

Remember, the next time you sit down to roast s’mores and chestnuts over the fire, take a couple of steps back.

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Exfoliate 3-4 Times a Week

Did you know that you lose no less than 50 million cells from your skin in a single day? But if you do not nudge them along, they may just hang around and make your skin look sullen. Therefore, to ensure that your skin does not look dull at any point in time, be sure to buy yourself a product that is pH neutral. This is to make sure that your skin does not dry up while you exfoliate it. In addition, do not just exfoliate your face rather, your entire body.

Apply Vitamins

While a balanced and healthy diet is important to maintain the integrity of your skin, you need to provide it with additional vitamins from time to time. You can easily purchase topical antioxidants from any local store, which are creams and serums containing nourishing ingredients for the skin.

By applying vitamins, you can pave the way for your skin to repair any damage caused to it by the sun. Whenever you cleanse your skin, apply some vitamin cream or serum and take some time to let it soak in. You can also layer it underneath sunscreen from time to time for additional protection.

Consume Greens

It may be tempting for you to simply get some caffeine in your body every morning when you wake up. However, choosing to opt for a healthier beverage can change your life and your skin. Try getting into the habit of taking a shot or two of chlorophyll when the sun comes out to hydrate, oxygenate, and brighten your skin.

Moreover, experts have revealed that the consumption of chlorophyll is especially helpful in draining the puffiness from your face while acting as a stimulant for the lymphatic system. Simply put, it will be beneficial for cellulite. On the other hand, if you do not want to drink chlorophyll directly, you can always buy supplements from a health store or drug store located near you.

Stick to a Healthy Diet

You may not have known this, but your skin possesses a natural barrier in order to maintain its moisture. This is why your body requires fatty acids, specifically omega 3, which you can boost by using flax seeds in your salad or eating walnuts. Consequently, this is an excellent way for you to increase the ability of your skin to retain integrity and moisture.

With these tips in your bag, you cannot go wrong with your everyday skincare routine!

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