How to Get Rid of Cockroaches from Your Kitchen Cabinets

What adjectives come to your mind when you think about cockroaches? Disgusting, filthy, or both? Either way, no matter how you describe them, cockroaches are insects, and you do not want them wandering around your home, especially your kitchen. But how can you keep them from invading your home?

The first thing that people do in such cases is spray pesticides to kill cockroaches. But surely, you would not want to inhale pesticides all day long. Lucky for you, you can employ various other methods, in addition to spraying toxic chemicals to get rid of cockroaches. You will be able to weed them out from any cracks in your walls, under the kitchen sink, and, most importantly, your kitchen cabinets.

Why Cockroaches Are Living in Your Kitchen Cabinets

More often than not, cockroaches make their nests in kitchen cabinets, specifically those located under the kitchen sink. But the question that you must ask yourself is why they are hiding under there. Here are some reasons why roaches love your cabinets and refuse to leave.

1.     They love closed and dark spaces.

2.     They view your cabinet as a source of water and food.

3.     There are multiple sources of nutrition in your kitchen cabinet.

4.     Small spills and crumbs are not cleaned up.

5.     You do not use your cabinets quite often.

Remember, cockroaches love to eat, which is why your kitchen cabinets are akin to grocery stores that provide them with plenty of food.

Remove Cockroaches from Your Kitchen Cabinets

Dangers of Not Getting Rid of Cockroaches from Your Kitchen Cabinets

Just like pests, cockroaches can also pose dangers to your home. It is necessary to ensure that you take control of the problem as soon as possible to avoid the following dangers.

1.    Allergies and asthma

Cockroaches are responsible for sending allergens in the air by way of feces, shedding body parts, as well as saliva. These allergens can cause damage to your respiratory system, making it difficult to breathe. You will especially have trouble breathing if you have asthma and severe allergies.

2.    Potential infestation

Perhaps you occasionally see a cockroach when you walk in the kitchen, and it quickly scurries inside a crevice or, you manage to stomp on it. Either way, you may want to consider that there could be more than one insect living inside your cabinets. Even if you see a single cockroach, treat it as an indicator of a potential infestation.

3.    Carriers of dangerous diseases

Cockroaches are usually classified as the deadliest of pests, especially when talking about disease carriers. They are well-known for passing on diseases, such as cholera, dysentery, salmonella, typhoid fever, gastroenteritis, along with various other ailments.

4.    Contamination of food

Given that cockroaches live in dark and filthy spaces, they carry a lot of germs, which also allows them to infect you with many diseases. These germs could easily be passed on to your water supplies and food. Consequently, when you ingest anything contaminated by cockroaches, you can fall ill.

get rid of cockroaches from kitchen

How to Get Rid of Cockroaches or Kill Them

There is more than one your kitchen cabinets of cockroaches, as well as kill them. However, it is important to keep in mind that it will serve you better in the long term if you opt for preventative measures. Short-term kills will not help you deal with your insect infestation for a long period.

Here are several methods you can employ to get rid of cockroaches from your kitchen cabinets.

1.    Borax powder

You may have heard of borax powder being used as a tool for home cleaning. Commonly, people use it in their kitchens to bring about a reduction in mold and mildew, as well as other problems related to kitchen cabinets.

However, most people are unaware that borax powder can aid in the killing of insects, such as ants. Thus, it can be a useful weapon in getting rid of cockroaches. The first thing you need to do is clear out your kitchen cabinets, thoroughly clean them by using borax powder, and then put everything back where it belongs.

2.    Glue traps

While glue traps will not help you get rid of the roaches, they will aid you when it comes to keeping an eye on the number residing in your kitchen cabinets, as well as your house. It is recommended that you use these in conjunction with a wide range of other methods, especially to test their effectiveness.

For example, if the number of roaches getting stuck in the glue trap you put out is not declining, then it is time for you to change your pest control methods. In addition, if you find a roach stuck in your glue trap, then it is probably already dead on account of starvation.

3.    Bay leaves

Bay leaves naturally release a smell that is particular to most essential oils. Such smells are detested by numerous insects and pests and could also be disliked by cockroaches. You can easily put this to the test by placing a couple of bay leaves in your kitchen cabinets. Remember not to worry about their smell because they will smell perfectly fine to you.

4.    Cimexa dust

Cimexa dust is a popular powder used to handle roaches, insects, and bug infestations. It is a popular product because the effects of the powder are physical rather than chemical. This entails that even if you spread it throughout your kitchen cabinets, it will not release any toxic chemicals into the environment.

Cimexa dust is responsible for causing substantial damage to the exoskeleton of the roaches, forcing them to dehydrate and die. By using this dust, you will be getting rid of your cockroach infestation for a maximum of 10 years.

Just remember to spread the dust evenly and sprinkle some in the crevices and cracks of your kitchen cabinets and sink. Cockroaches are smart, and if you spread the powder around unevenly, they will find ways to avoid it.

How to Get Rid of Cockroaches from Your Kitchen Cabinets

Final Thoughts

Roaches may be especially fond of your kitchen cabinets, but you can make sure that they are gone, once and for all, by using the methods mentioned above. You are already aware of the consequences of these insects building a long-term home in your humble abode, which is why you need to get going at the earliest. 

Can You Spray Roach Spray in Cabinets?

Yes, you can spray roach spray in cabinets, as long as the cabinet is clean before spraying. Never use a product before you know what it contains and never ingest any poisons. If your cabinets are wood, make sure they are sealed first to protect the wood from absorbing dangerous toxins.

What Smell Will Keep Cockroaches Away?

Borax can be used to keep roaches away, as well as many other insects. Roaches hate the smell of borax and will stay away from it. It is a safe product that contains no harmful toxins or odors. You can spread it around your house and kitchen cabinets with no fear of negative side effects for you or your family.

Is There a Natural Remedy for Removing Cockroaches?

– Mint

– Lavender

Peppermint Oil

– Cucumber peel

These smells can be used as a natural remedy to repel roaches from your cabinets. You can make a spray out of the essential oils and use it to spray around the cabinet openings. This will drive them away, but not kill them unless you proceed with other treatment.

Is Boric Acid Safe for Cabinets?

You can use boric acid to kill roaches by putting it in the cracks and crevices of your cabinet or cabinets, but make sure it is not open to children or pets before using this method. It may be helpful to put the powder in a mesh bag so that it is easier to spread in the cabinet.

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