7 Ways to Organize Your Small Kitchen Without a Pantry

Is your kitchen too small to have that one walk-in pantry you have always wanted? Perhaps your kitchen does not have enough space to house a pantry large enough for you even to look in. Well, you do not need to worry about not having a pantry because there are ways for you to fake on and find space for every single one of your ingredients.

Just remember to make smart decisions when it comes to utilizing your space. Here are several ways you can employ to organize your small kitchen without a pantry.

Purchase a Small Utility Cart 

Have you spent some time on social media searching for ideas to organize your small kitchen without a pantry? If yes, then it is highly likely that you may have come across small utility carts. There is a reason that these are so frequently recommended to most people looking to get organized, and it is primarily their size.

Utility carts have wheels and can easily be tucked away into a corner of your kitchen on account of their small size. Moreover, they can carry all sorts of ingredients in a significant number, and the presence of wheels allows you to move them whenever it is convenient for you.

In addition, small utility carts come in numerous materials. You can buy one in stainless steel, as well as wood. You can also go for a wide range of designs, from modern to antique, since there is no limit to their style. Most people use these carts to store boxed ingredients, canned goods, as well as spices, but feel free to place any pantry item on them for storage.

7 Ways to Organize Your Small Kitchen Without a Pantry

Display Dry Goods

You should never have to hide some ingredients behind other ingredients or cabinet doors, especially if they come in good-looking containers.

Gather all the dry ingredients that you often require when cooking and choose a container in the size that is appropriate for you. For example, you can find different sizes of containers, depending upon the ingredient you are hoping to store, such as sugar, spaghetti, cereal, and chips.

After you have filled your containers, go on to label them and then position them on the kitchen counter or a shelf. Voila! You now have an organized container display, which is effective as well as attractive.

Dress Up Cabinet Shelves with Baskets

Even if you had a pantry, you could not have placed boxes and bags of ingredients on the shelves and be done with it. If you had done so, the entire thing would have looked nothing short of a jumbled mess! Therefore, you cannot plop boxes and bags onto your kitchen shelves for all to see.

However, there is one thing that you can do, which is to add a couple of baskets to the shelves or cabinets in your kitchen. You will feel the difference in the organization when you compare keeping the groceries on the shelves to putting them in the baskets.

Moreover, the baskets can also be helpful when it comes to keeping similar ingredients in one place, such as baking supplies in one basket, thanksgiving ones in the other. You can easily pull out whichever basket you require for a particular occasion, and all the tools and supplies will be available within an arm’s reach.

Get Several Pegboards

Pegboards are quite frequently used to organize small kitchens that do not have a pantry. If you have a relative or a friend with a small kitchen, who likes to organize, then you may have seen a pegboard or two hanging in their space.

One of the best features of these useful organizing tools is that they are easily customizable. Thus, you can be as creative as you want when it comes to styling them. Whether your kitchen has shelves, which you use to keep ingredients, or hooks for hanging utensils and baskets, pegboards can facilitate you by providing convenient access to all the staples found in your kitchen.

 Organize Your Small Kitchen Without a Pantry

Put a Spice Rack on Your Fridge

The outer surface of the doors of your fridge probably holds cute pictures of your children or their first drawings, as well as various souvenir magnets. However, what you probably did not know is that this surface can help you organize your kitchen.

All you need is a magnetic spice rack and turn your appliance’s right or left side into a small but convenient spice cabinet. You can also purchase a couple of magnetic spice cans and store your spices in different containers. This is a simple and easy way to store your spices and save space on shelves.

Utilize Available Spaces on the Walls

Did you know that you can make pantry storage appear out of thin air even if your kitchen is too small to house an actual pantry? Well, just take a look at all the empty walls in your kitchen.

The blank walls in your small square footage space can easily be converted into something useful if you place an extra cabinet or mount an additional shelf there. The latter could include even a narrow shelf, which can carry only specialty items or ingredients. Furthermore, you can always attach a pegboard to store your cookware or mount a rail and hang your pots right there on the wall. The possibilities truly are endless!

In addition, if you do not want to place any ingredients on the new storage space that you create on the blank walls, use it to empty up some things from any other cabinet. The freed-up cabinet can then be used to hold your pantry items.

Build a Bookcase

You are probably wondering why anyone would build a bookcase in their kitchen and how it would help them organize their ingredients. Well, the bookcase is not for you to store your history and law textbooks; it is to make room for your kitchen supplies.

A bookcase can make it easy for you to stack your mugs and dinnerware and decorate your kitchen with produce baskets. Moreover, a bookshelf can help you make good use of the vertical space in your small kitchen. You can also store dry items in containers and place them right beside decorative pieces or plants for a stylish storage solution. 

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