How To Take Care Of A Cat (Beginners Overview)

Cats make wonderful pets but keeping a cat is a big responsibility. So, before you think of getting one for yourself, you should learn how to take care of a cat. In this article, we’ll tell you everything that you need to know about proper cat care.

So let’s get started! First, let’s look at how you can get your cat properly house-trained.

Housetrain Your Cat

The first thing you need to buy when you get a cat is a litter box. A litter box will ensure that your pet doesn’t mess up your home in any way.

 Litter Boxes

Cats naturally prefer to use litter boxes because of the way that the texture of litter is designed. However, there are a few things that you can do that will encourage your pet to use the litter box. Place the litter box somewhere that’s quiet, and where your cat won’t be disturbed by people, it will be more likely to use it. If you have two or more cats, you’ll need a separate litter box for each. Cats like to keep out of each other’s business – if you know what we mean!

Cats also like their litter box to be clean. So, try to keep the litter fresh by replacing it at least once every week. Another thing you can do is make the litter box comfortable for your cat. Just like we like to be comfortable in our bathrooms, cats do too.

Cats Love to Scratch

One annoying habit that some cats have is scratching. Your cat can damage your furniture or curtains if it gets into the habit of scratching these things. Provide a proper scratching post to your cat so it can indulge in its natural behavior without causing harm to your home.

There are some places in your home that you might prefer your cat to stay away from, like kitchen counters, for instance. Fortunately, you can train your pet to steer clear of these surfaces. All you have to do is let the cat know that jumping onto the said surface isn’t ok. You can spray some water at your cat, or scare it with a rattle, to get the message across. Cats are fast learners, and your cute friend will soon understand where it’s not supposed to go.

Now that we know a bit about keeping your cat in your home let’s learn a bit about how to feed your pet properly.

How To Take Care Of A Cat for beginners

Feeding Your Feline Friend

Learning how to feed your cat properly is essential if you want to know how to take care of a cat.

The first thing to know is that cats are carnivorous by nature, which means that they only eat meat. But providing fresh meat to your pet every day might not be feasible for everyone. Instead, you can easily find a huge number of different cat foods available at your nearest supermarket that will be great for your cat.

 Dry cat Food Vs Canned Food

Dry cat food is a popular option as it lasts for ages, but cats prefer canned and moist cat foods. Moist cat foods are easier for your pet to digest because they have more fluid than dry ones. You can find different brands for all three types of cat food without too much trouble. A good idea is to talk to your vet about which brand will be best for your cat.

 How Often You Should Feed Your Cat

It’s recommended to feed your cat several small meals throughout the day. The quantity of the serving should be determined by the weight and age of your cat. You can go through a few cat feeding guides to get a clear idea of how much you should feed your furry friend. Just be careful not to overfeed your pet as cats can become overweight, which could have negative consequences for the animal’s health.

Now that we’ve told you about feeding your cat let’s look at a few ways that you can keep your pet healthy and fit.

keep a cat healthy and fit

Ensuring Your Cat Stays Healthy

Veterinarians are properly qualified professionals who are well-versed in all manner of feline healthcare. You can schedule annual visits to your vet and take your cat over to see how it’s doing. The vet will check your cat’s vitals to make sure everything is functioning properly. The physical exams will reveal any health problems with your pet so that they can be dealt with.

 Cat Vaccinations

Your vet will also provide booster injections to make sure your cat is properly vaccinated against common feline diseases. Other regular procedures that your vet can provide are deworming and de-fleaing treatments that will protect your cat from harmful parasites that could damage its health.

 Grooming Your Cat

Aside from taking your cat to the vet for regular check-ups, there are a few other things that you can do to keep your cat in tip-top shape. Cats are good at keeping themselves clean, grooming themselves frequently. But you should brush your cat’s coat often nevertheless to keep it healthy. If you have long-haired cats like Persian cats, you should brush them several times every week. Brushing helps to reduce shedding in your house and will also prevent hairballs.

 Regular Check-Ups

As long as you’re brushing your cat anyway, you can keep an eye out for anything unusual on its skin. Look for any ticks or any redness or swelling. If you do spot something out of the ordinary, then you should ask your vet about it, and they’ll be happy to help you out.

 Healthy Teeth

Another problem that cats can have is dental decay. You can brush your cat’s teeth often to keep them healthy and strong. But it’s important to note that you shouldn’t use normal toothpaste on cats. There is special veterinary toothpaste that you should use instead. Your cat might not be amenable to having its teeth brushed at first, but it will soon get used to the procedure.

How To Take Care Of A Cat

 How You Should Brush Your Cats Teeth

For your cat to allow you to brush its teeth, you need to take things slow. First, let your cat taste the veterinary toothpaste so that it gets used to the flavor. Next, use your finger to massage the gums of your cat. Once your cat is comfortable with this, take a toothbrush with soft bristles, apply the special toothpaste to it, and use it to brush the cat’s teeth. If you repeat this process a few times a week, your cat’s teeth will be safe from any dental problems.


Frequently Asked Questions

Can I feed my cat dog food?

No, Cats have different dietary requirements from dogs and should never eat canine food. If you give your cat dog food, there is a possibility of the cat getting sick or suffering serious health problems.

When can I let my kitten start eating wet cat food?

It’s advisable to switch your kitten over to wet cat food after it has started eating solids. You should wait until the kitten is at least six months old before you let it eat regular food.

How much should I feed my cat?

Cats can usually be fed twice a day, but they don’t need any more than that. And you definitely shouldn’t overfeed your cat, either. If you feed your cat too much, it will get obese and this could cause problems for the animal’s health in the long run.

Does my cat need to eat canned or dry food?

You can choose whether you want to give canned or dry food to your cat. Both types of food have their benefits and drawbacks, but the choice is ultimately up to you.

Can I feed my cat human food?

Yes, cats can eat some human foods like chicken and tuna, but only in moderation. There are certain foods for humans that your cat should not be eating because they could prove harmful to its health.

Can my cat eat chocolate?

Yes, but only in small amounts. Chocolate is harmful to dogs, but cats can digest it properly. However, you shouldn’t give your cat too much chocolate because it’s not good for the animal’s health.

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