Best House Birds (These Birds Make Great Family Pets)

If you’re looking for the perfect pet, then you can’t go wrong with a nice, friendly bird. House birds can be some of the most affectionate and entertaining pets that you could ask for. In this article, we’re going to tell you about some of the best house birds that you can welcome as a member of your family.

 So without wasting any more time, let’s start with our list. The number one place goes to a bird that will prove to be highly entertaining for its owner.

Amazon Parrots

Amazon parrots are exuberant and expressive birds, demonstrating their love and affection for their owners without reserve. These birds demand lots of attention from their owners and will call out from their cages, begging to be played with. Amazon parrots will perch happily on your hand and wrestle playfully with your fingers. Sometimes, they even like to perch on their owner’s shoulder, chatting enthusiastically into their ears.

Amazon Parrots for beginners

 Mimicking human voices is one of the many tricks in this parrot’s repertoire. You can teach them to learn words and even phrases! Some people even say these birds can remember songs and sing them back with great enthusiasm! So if you bring one of these birds home, you’re guaranteed never to get bored.

 Having some fun is great, but it’s important to know when to stop. But amazon parrots can get so caught up in their crazy antics that they can get overexcited. And overexcitement can mean the bird loses control and could inadvertently hurt itself or its owner. So you’re going to have to keep an eye out for signs that things are getting out of hand. If the bird has raised head feathers and a broad stance, it’s a sign that your bird needs to have a time out.

Amazon Parrots best house birds

 When they’re tired out, amazon parrots will readily snuggle on your shoulder or your chest and have a quiet nap. Once they’ve had some rest, these birds will immediately get back into action. Truly these birds seem to have huge amounts of energy. To provide a healthy outlet for their energy, you can put lots of chew toys and things to play within your bird’s cage. But leaving your pet in its cage all the time isn’t a good idea. These birds need to be let out occasionally so they can socialize and interact with their owners.   

 But if you’re looking for a less gregarious house bird, one which you won’t have to give so much time and attention to, you should consider getting the second bird on our list.


Canaries are very different from amazon parrots in terms of the attention they demand from their owners. These birds prefer not to be held or stroked at all. Canaries are hands-off birds that want to be left alone. So if you get a canary, you won’t have to worry about it getting lonely because you aren’t playing with it. Just feed this tiny bird properly and give it some water, and it will be happy.

Canaries pet bird for house

 But being low-maintenance isn’t the reason why we think canaries are one of the best house birds that make good pets. The biggest reason to keep a canary in your home is its beautiful song. Canary songs are one of the most beautiful natural sounds in the world. These songs will lift your spirits and bring joy into your home. Their beautiful voices are why canaries have been kept as pets for hundreds of years by people. And over that time, bird breeders have produced a huge number of canary species, each with its own unique characteristics.

 Canary species come in a number of different colors, apart from the popular bright yellow. You can find these birds in green, orange, and brown coats as well. So that means you have a few choices when you’re picking one of these birds as a pet. But regardless of which color, a canary comes in, none of the canary species require a companion.

best house birds

 One thing which you usually have to take care of when keeping a bird is providing it with a companion. Some birds will get depressed if they don’t have a friend. But canaries are different. If you keep a canary alone in a cage, it won’t get lonely. These birds seem to prefer solitude, and they will sing more often if they are alone.

 But if you want a less stand-offish bird than the canary, one that thrives on company and attention, then you should consider getting the third bird on our list.


Budgies, also known as budgerigars or parakeets, are highly social birds. They are known to form strong attachments to their owners, considering them to be a part of their family. Your budgie will learn to recognize you, and as soon as it sees you, it will fly to the bars of its cage and greet you enthusiastically.

 Budgies for house birds

 The friendly nature of budgies is one reason why they are the third most popular pet on the planet – ranking only behind dogs and cats. These birds are very hands-on. They like to be held by their owners and love to be stroked and caressed. If you want to demonstrate your affection to your budgie, you can also feed it treats. Just make sure the treats are healthy and nutritious, so your budgie doesn’t get sick.

 Feeding budgies properly is the key to keeping them healthy and active. In their natural habitat, the Australian Outback, food is scarce. So these birds have evolved to flourish on a highly-varied diet. Budgie owners can replicate the variety of the bird’s natural diet by feeding them different supplements in addition to a balanced pellet diet.

 Seeds are good supplements for budgies, but because they contain lots of fatty acids, they shouldn’t make up the bulk of the bird’s diet. Fresh fruits and vegetables make healthy supplements for the budgie as well. You can chop up some carrots or give it some corn to provide some essential nutrients to your bird.

 If you feed your budgie properly, it can live for up to 8 years! So getting one of these birds means you will be rewarded with a friendly companion who will be with you for a very long time!


Choosing the Best Pet Bird for Your Home

When it comes to buying a pet, most people want something interesting, cute, and low-maintenance. And these are some of the reasons why we think birds make great pets. They’re interesting because you never know what they will do next – or whether your bird will surprise you with a new trick!

Birds are also very cute. Canaries have a particularly expressive face that makes them look like they are smiling or frowning. And if you get a Budgie, then you can enjoy watching it fly around its cage and chirp away happily.

Birds also don’t need much attention from their owners, so they make great low-maintenance pets. They don’t need to be walked like dogs and they only eat a pellet diet (although this should be supplemented with healthy treats). You can leave your bird alone for long periods and it will still look as happy as ever when you come back!

If you’re thinking about getting a pet bird, the first thing you need to decide is which single bird to get. In general, canaries make better pets than parakeets because of their calm temperament and docile nature. Canaries also don’t have that ear-splitting screech that is typical of a parakeet.

Best Parrots For Beginners

Final Thoughts

At the end of this article, you should know which pet bird is best for your home. If you want a friendly companion that can be left alone for long periods, then get a Budgie or Canary. But if you’re looking to spend more time with your pet, then getting a Parakeet might be better for you.


What is the best pet bird?

There are many types of pet birds, but canaries and budgies are known to be the best for beginners.

Are Budgies easy to take care of?

Yes, they are very low maintenance. You don’t have to walk them or clean their cage every day. However, they do need a cuttlebone and fresh vegetables as part of their diet.

What is the best pet bird for a child?

The best pets for this age group are canaries or budgies since they don’t require much care and are very friendly.

How long do birds live?

On average, canaries and budgies live up to 8 years.

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