Best Parrots For Beginners (Our Top 3 Recommendations)

In this article, we’re going to tell you all about the best parrots for beginners. We’ll be talking about the parrot varieties, which are easier to keep as pets, which makes them more suitable for people who don’t have much experience with parrots or other bird pets.

In our list, we’ve selected those parrots who have a friendly personality and which won’t be too difficult to take care of. One important thing that you should know about parrots, however, is that they need to have some company. So try to keep at least a pair of the birds so that they always have a friend to play with.

Now let’s get started with our list of the three very best parrot species that are suitable for beginners as pets!

Amazon Parrots

Amazon Parrots

Amazon parrots are very popular among people as pets, mainly because of their enthusiastic personalities. If there ever was a parrot that could be described as a party animal, then it would be this fun-loving bird. These birds are very playful and love to engage in several lively activities.

Amazon parrots like to make lots of noise, chatting to their owners or each other. You can even teach them to imitate human speech! So you’re guaranteed to have a ball of a time with one of these active pets. Owners have reported that these parrots can even imitate songs. So not only are they fun, they can also function as music players.

The only problem is that these birds sometimes don’t know when to stop. They can get highly excited very easily when they’re having fun and could accidentally hurt themselves or you. Fortunately, the body language of this bird is easy to read. Pinned eyes, raised head feathers and a wide stance indicate that your parrot has become highly excited. If you see these signs, then your parrot needs a time out, and you should give it some time to calm down.

Amazon Parrots for beginners

Once the party’s over, these birds know how to clean themselves up. They like to take frequent baths, which are necessary for keeping their feathers healthy. Try to give your pet lots of water so it can splash around and have as many baths as it likes.

Amazon parrots should be kept in large cages and provided with lots of toys that they can play with. Extra room to fly around and toys to chew playfully provide a healthy outlet for the vast reservoirs of energy these little birds seem to have.

Amazon parrots are also voracious eaters, which could be where they get all their energy. They like to be fed often, and if you’re not careful about feeding them, they can easily become overweight. An overweight parrot is prone to a host of medical problems, so try not to overfeed your bird.


Parrotlets for beginners

Parrotlets are one of the smallest parrot species. They look like absolutely adorable miniature versions of their larger cousins. Although their bodies may be tiny, these birds have huge personalities. They are bold, feisty, and assertive. Their dominant personalities mean that it’s not a great idea to keep them with other birds in the same cage. But if you keep a pair of parrotlets together or even a larger number of them in a single cage, they get along famously.

Another great reason for keeping parrotlets as pets is that they aren’t as noisy as other parrots. So if you’re worried about your neighbors making a fuss because your birds are too noisy, parrotlets are a good option. Parrotlets can also learn to mimic some words, but they’re not as good at mimicking sounds as other parrot species.


Parrotlets like to have plenty of room to fly around because of their active natures. So even though these birds are small, try to keep them in a large cage. Parrotlets will also love shreddable toys like parrot kabobs. Boings and swings are other toys that your parrotlets will have fun with.

To make sure that your tiny pets don’t run out of energy, you should feed them frequently. These birds have very fast metabolisms, so they digest food rapidly. A pellet-based diet is a good idea for parrotlets, supplemented with seeds, fruits, and vegetables. They will also require a source of calcium like cuttlebone or something similar.



Budgies are a small, affordable, and friendly parrot species that is easily one of the best parrots for beginners. These birds have a number of traits that make them one of the most popular bird species that are kept as pets. One reason for their huge popularity is their winning personalities. They are very affectionate to their owners and genuinely seem to enjoy their company. They like to play with their owners and will love being stroked and caressed.

In the wild, Budgies have a highly-varied diet, so to keep your pets healthy, you should try to feed them lots of different things. All types of seeds are good but shouldn’t make up the bulk of the bird’s diet because they are high in fats. Look for pellet diets that provide balanced nutrition. Fruits and fresh vegetables like carrots, corn, beans, and broccoli are also good supplements for budgies.

Budgies for beginners

Budgies are known by a number of other names, including parakeets and budgerigars. They are native to Australia but are now kept as pets all over the world. Another interesting fact about budgies is that they’re one of the smallest parrot species. They are only 7 to 8 inches tall and are perfect for being held in your hand. Since we’re talking about interesting facts, here’s another one for you: budgies are the third most popular pet in the world! Only dogs and cats are more popular than this friendly little bird when it comes to being chosen as a pet.

When you make or buy a cage for your budgie, make sure that it’s as large as possible. These birds are active fliers and prefer lots of space to fly around in. You can also install different perches and swings, so your bird has a rich home environment. Add a few chewable toys and some things that your bird can play with as well, so it can stay mentally stimulated. 

Best Parrots For Beginners


It’s important to carefully research the needs of a parrot before you commit as serious as bringing one as a pet. You need to know that your new friend will be safe and happy in its cage, and with these birds for pets, that’s almost certain. All of the above three best parrots for beginners are good choices with good temperaments, and they’re all small enough to keep as pets. They also come from different parts of the world, giving you a chance to broaden your horizons by learning more about different cultures.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: How big are budgies?

A: A fully mature budgie will be about 7 inches tall, which makes them one of the smallest parrot species.

Q: What kind of seeds should I feed my birds?

A: Budgies have very fast metabolisms, so they digest food rapidly. Pellet diets are good for them, but seeds are high in fats. You should provide them with a balance of seeds and pellets every day.

Q: Where do parrotlets come from?

A: Parrotlets originate from Mexico and South American countries like Peru and Columbia. They’re one of the smallest parrot species and make excellent pets for beginners.

Q: What’s the average lifespan of a budgie?

A: The average lifespan of a healthy, well-cared-for budgie is 5 to 10 years.

Q: Do parrotlets need a lot of exercise?

A: Parrotlets live in tropical areas and have fast metabolisms. They’re very active and need a lot of room to fly around. They also love chewing and playing with toys, so their cages should have lots of perches, swings, and things that they can play with.

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