Why Should an Apron Be Removed When Going to the Restroom?

Aprons serve a wide array of purposes, which are not limited to only personal settings. Even if you are a professional chef, you need an apron for several reasons. However, if you are not aware of why you should not wear aprons in the washroom, here is a complete guide to warn you of its dangers and how to keep your apron clean.

Reasons to Take Off Your Apron When Going to the Restroom

If you have ever been to a restaurant for any meal or gone to purchase food, you must have seen workers in aprons of all kinds. Similarly, if there is someone in your family who loves cooking, then you may have witnessed them donning an apron before they step into the kitchen and get started on their favorite hobby. You may have seen an apron so much that you may no longer pay any attention to it.

It is important for people handling food to wear an apron at all times. However, they can always make an exception. With that said, are you aware that aprons are not supposed to be on your person when you leave the kitchen, much less go to the restroom? Here are several reasons why you should always remember to take your apron off when going to use the toilet facilities.

1.    Prevent the spread of germs

One of the primary purposes of taking an apron off when going to the restroom is to ensure that no germs are transferred from your clothes onto your food. Therefore, if you keep your apron on when you go to the washroom, you risk carrying germs from there to your kitchen. Consequently, it will defeat the entire purpose of wearing an apron at all.

2.    Save your food from cross-contamination

As aforementioned, your clothes could carry various hidden pathogens, even if you believe that they are fully clean. If you do not put an apron on before cooking or baking, there is a possibility that your ingredients and clothes will come in contact.

Think about what would happen if your hand made its way across one of the dishes on the counter or on the stove to pick something up. What if there is a bowl full of soup or a pot full of gravy brewing, and the edge of your shirt dips into it? Well, dander, dust, germs from the washroom, and even pet hair, could make their way into your food and contaminate it! But if you wear an apron only in the kitchen, your soup and gravy will be safe from all the germs you may have otherwise been carrying.

3.    Ensure convenience is not hindered

While you work in a kitchen, whether at home or in any kind of restaurant, you may have to carry a couple of tools with you. But you cannot possibly hope to keep holding on to the things you need as you move about cooking or baking. This is where an apron comes in.

All aprons have pockets in them, which allow you to keep several things in them. You can choose to carry a towel, gloves, or whatever it is that you may need. Thus, an apron provides convenience as you do not have to move back and forth inside your kitchen to get what you need.

However, what if you were to take your apron into the washroom with tools, supplies, or ingredients stored in your pockets? They could just as easily fall on the bathroom floor and take in all the germs and bacteria there, or worse, go down the toilet! Therefore, taking off your apron before going to the restroom is highly recommended.

For decades, aprons have been worn by people in restaurants and home kitchens as a way of protecting users, as well as the food. Their cleanliness must be ensured at all times to prevent any cross-contamination and maintain overall hygiene.

Why Should an Apron Be Removed When Going to the Restroom?

Maintaining the Hygiene of Your Apron

At some point or the other, you may have worn your apron to the washroom or perhaps, spilled something on it. If that is the case, then you may need to clean it. Here are several ways for you to care for and maintain the hygiene of your apron.

1.    Using the washing machine

It goes without saying, but it is important to ensure that your apron is clean at all times. Hence, it is recommended that you wash it regularly, depending on the number of times in a day you are using it and how dirty it gets. However, before washing your apron, you need to confirm whether or not it can be washed in a washing machine.

While most aprons are deemed to be machine washable, the answer to whether or not they can be washed in a machine is dependent upon the fabric used. Make sure that you read the tag on the apron, which details its washing instructions before you toss it into the machine.

2.    Employing spot cleaning

This method requires you to gently scrub the entirety of the apron or the specific area where you have spilled something with the help of a damp rag. Feel free to use running water to aid in this process, preferably warm water, which facilitates the efficient removal of stains as well as germs.

However, make sure that you do not use any harsh traditional detergents and soaps. If there are some stubborn stains, feel free to bring in castile soap to make the job easier. This kind of soap is readily used to wash aprons, as it is primarily made up of olive oil and is completely natural. Therefore, it is perfect for any kind of fabric that your apron is made out of.

For decades, aprons have been worn by people in restaurants and home kitchens as a way of protecting users, as well as the food. Their cleanliness must be ensured at all times to prevent any cross-contamination and maintain overall hygiene, which is why they should not be worn out of the kitchen, much less in the restroom. 

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the purpose of an apron?

The best answer to this would be that the purpose of it is to keep you clean. Aprons protect whoever is wearing them, mainly from unwanted stains on their clothes, which could affect the appearance of their outfit. With an apron around, you will not have to worry about getting your clothes dirty while cooking or baking in the kitchen.

Is wearing an apron hygienic?

Yes, it is. Wearing an apron will ensure that the dirt and germs remain on the apron instead of transferring onto your clothes. Moreover, this accessory also has pockets in which you can store all kinds of essentials without having to worry about them falling out or getting lost.

Is an apron necessary?

Yes and no. It would be convenient to have one since you will not have to worry about getting your outfit dirty while you are baking or cooking in the kitchen, but it is not mandatory. Whether or not you feel that aprons are necessary is up to you!

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