How To Crochet Socks (Complete Guide)

Usually, when we think of handcrafted socks, knitted socks come to mind; and that’s okay. Because until not too long ago, it was uncommon for people to crochet socks. This is because socks came under a knitter’s domain and crochet was mainly reserved for motifs. Nonetheless, with the influx of new yarns, patterns, tools, and ideas, crochet socks have become the newest trend that people can’t get enough of.

We’re not complaining though. Crochet socks are warm, cozy, look cute, and are super fun to make. These are sometimes also referred to as slipper socks since they are thick and are not something you would necessarily go out wearing with shoes to run errands.

Crochet Socks

However, indoors, they are the perfect alternative to slippers. Additionally, they serve their purpose as meaningful gifts for your loved ones too. Crocheting socks also make for the perfect travel activity as you can take your tools anywhere – on a plane, train, or have them on you in the waiting room. Either way, they are easy to carry as they use up less yarn.

But the question remains: how do you crochet socks? Below, we explain just that.

Materials You Will Need


Picking the correct yarn is one of the most crucial decisions when it comes to crocheting socks. The yarn you pick has to be sturdy because socks go through wear and tear as you wear them on your feet, and they rub against the floor or your shoes. Unless your feet are extra sensitive, it is recommended you go for sturdier and thick wool for socks.

The wool blend is the ideal material for crochet socks as it’s an elastic fiber, breathable, and fights moisture naturally. It also repels odor and is self-cleaning – so your socks won’t need frequent washing. You can also look for yarn that says ‘sock’ on it as some companies make special yarn suited to just socks: these are a combination of a wool nylon blend or made with yarn that can tolerate wear and tear.

Hook & Needle

Picking the type of hook, you want while making socks can get confusing due to the various options present in the market today. You can pick from metal wooden or bamboo needles or hooks. If this is your first-time crocheting, a metal hook would be better as it will slip more. However, bamboo or wood hooks/needles work better for sticky yarns as they will keep the stitches straight.

Furthermore, a tapestry or a large-eyed blunt needle will be required to sew in the ends of the socks. It would be best if you considered what works best for your hands, either double-pointed needs or circulars and the material of the hook that you would prefer.

Once you have sorted out the tools you need, figure out the size of socks you want to make, small, medium, or large, and start crocheting!

How To Crochet Socks guide

Stitches You Must Know Before Crocheting Socks

Before getting into the ‘how’ of crocheting socks, here are a few stitches you need to know:

  • Magic ring
  • Chain
  • Slip stitch
  • Single crochet
  • Single crochet 2 together
  • Single crochet 3 together


Tips & Tricks To Crochet Socks

It would be best if you also kept the following in mind:

These socks are typically fitted, especially near the ankles. You can consider going up in the hook size if you want the cuff looser or shorter

There are three sizes, Small (s), Medium (M) Large (L). these are differentiated based on foot length according to the US shoe sizes. Small is s a size 4.5 till 6, and the medium is 6 till 9 and Large is 9.5 till 13

There is no need to join after every round for these socks, and you can keep going. The use of stitch markers can help keep track of the initial stitch in every round

To make the leg of the sock longer, crochet the leg section an inch or two longer. The length of the foot can be increased by ensuring that the two ends of the foot are identical lengths

crochet socks guide

How To Crochet Socks

Find the steps for basic pattern crochet socks below:


Chain 11 with a smaller hook

Row 1: in the second chain from the hook, single crochet. Singe crochet in each chain and turn – 10 single crochet

Row 2: working in back loops, chain q, and then single crochet in each across single crochet. Turn -10 single crochet

Row 2 will be repeated about 40 more times without any turns. Working alongside the rubbing, work 1 single crochet in each row and turn -40 single crochet


Working back and forth in single crochet, with a big-sized hook, work through both loops on 40 stitches until your piece measures about seven inches from the beginning of the sock. Now you can cut the yarn

Top Of The Foot

Make row 1 by joining yarn in the 11th stitch from the edge with a bigger hook. Chain 1, single crochet in the identical stitch, single crochet in the next 20, turn

Row 2: single crochet I never crochet across the row. Turn, 20 single crochet

Row 2 is repeated until the sock piece measures six inches above the joining point, plus two inches from the toe

Top Of Toe

  • Row 1: chain 1 and decrease one single crochet in the next couple of single crochet. Single crochet across to within last two single crochet and decrease 1 stitch in next two single crochet then turn
  • Row 2: chain 1, single crochet evenly, turn

Repeat the last two rows until there are ten single crochet stitches left. Then finish with row 2

Bottom Of Toe

Row 1: chain 1, two single crochet in first single crochet, single crochet across to the ending single crochet, 2 single crochet in the last single crochet, turn

Row 2: chain 1, work single crochet every turn

Repeat the last two rows until there are about twenty single crochet

Bottom Of The Foot

Work evenly on about 20 single crochet until your sock measures about 5-6 inches or the length of your straight portion of your foot


For the heel, repeat steps from the top of toe step 1 to the bottom of toe step 3


Back leg seams should be sewn. Sew both sides of the foot and fold the sock in the center of the toe. As with the toe, fold the heel in half and sew the sides together. Sew the heel piece so that the center of the heel is aligned with the leg seam

And there you go. You have your very own, first-ever handmade pair of crochet socks that you have made yourself! Now it’s up to you whether you want to keep them all to yourself or give them to a loved one!


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